vehicle fleet

Our specialized vehicles guarantee safety and efficiency in the transportation of various loads.

Diverse, safe and adapted fleet

We have a varied and modern fleet of vehicles designed to satisfy a wide range of needs. Each vehicle in our park has been carefully selected and equipped to meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency, thus guaranteeing the satisfaction and peace of mind of our customers.

Each vehicle has undergone rigorous safety inspections in accordance with applicable regulations, ensuring that they are in optimal operating condition. Our priority is to guarantee the safety of both our drivers and the loads we transport.

Our vehicles are available in various configurations to adapt to the specific needs of each project. Whether it's transporting heavy cargo, bulky equipment or delicate materials, we have the right solution. 

We have powered vehicles, which allows them to face rugged terrain, unpaved roads and adverse weather conditions. This enables us to reach places where other vehicles might have difficulty, which is especially valuable in projects that require travel off conventional routes.


Sliding Platforms

They facilitate loading and unloading, streamline logistics, and ensure safe and easy access.


Solutions for Heavy Loads

We successfully transport on difficult terrain; modern and versatile fleet.


Commitment to Efficiency

Adaptable and modern vehicles exceed expectations in cargo solutions.

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